You are currently viewing Are you looking for a smartphone for yourself or your darling?

Are you looking for a smartphone for yourself or your darling?

Smartphone Buying Tips:

Here is vital belongings you got to know if you’re buying a modern smartphone or upgrading an existing smartphone.

With excellent new flagships from Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Realme all eying for your attention, plus dozens of high-quality options for those on a budget, choosing the best smartphone among them Is crooked. But we’re here to assist.

Operating System: Android or iOS?

dominates worldwide smartphone sales, and permanently reason. you will find more choices than iOS when it involves the design, display size, specs, capabilities, and price. Plus, Android is an open OS, which suggests it’s easier to customize with awesome launchers and widgets.

Undeniably, iOS is the most secure platform and choice of corporate personal since it protects user privacy. They are faster, Better hardware and have top-notched specs. But the user is limited in customization comparing to Android.

Battery Life

Many factors — including the screen size, processor and OS — determine how long a smartphone lasts on one charge. We consider any phone that lasts longer than 10 hours of straight 4G LTE to be excellent .

Fast Charging

If you would like to be ready to juice your phone up during a hurry, check to ascertain whether your phone offers fast wireless charging.

Screen Size and Type

Although bigger screens are in trend. Due to narrower aspect ratios, big-screen phones are now easier to use with one hand.

Smartphones with displays 5.5 inches or larger are great for watching videos, reading e-books and running two apps side by side.
Types are LCD, LED, TFT and Amoled.

Go for Amoled display as they have no more premium segment tag. With vivid colors, dark blacks, and a wide viewing angle, the visual experience with an AMOLED panel is incomparable with any other display technology. 

Display Quality

The size of the screen is merely one consideration. For a phone’s resolution, full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) is that the bare minimum we’d suggest. Most high-end phones lately offer quad-HD resolution, or 2560 x 1440 pixels.


The definition of honest or bad smartphone design is very subjective, but if you care about build quality and aesthetics, search for a metal or glass design, or a phone that gives both. There are some cheap handsets that have plastic bodies, but generally, we’d avoid them unless your top consideration is to save lots of money.


We’ve received some extent in smartphone evolution where the camera matters quite the processor, especially considering most of the people use their phones as their primary shooters. More and more smartphones boast cameras with a minimum of 12 megapixels, but don’t pass only that stat. Instead, concentrate to image quality, aperture, speed and features.


A good processor inside a phone provides faster opening apps, smoother gameplay, and quicker photo editing.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is short-term digital storage and is very fast when it comes to reading and writing data. Nowadays almost every phone comes with 4GB of RAM. Phone don’t need more, but it can use more to provide There would still be more than enough RAM for the system to do its thing while that extra RAM is there for playing a heavy 3D game without killing all the apps in the background.

Storage: Internal + external SD card support

It is highly recommended choosing the maximum amount of internal storage as possible.

The minimum on most premium handsets lately is 64GB sufficient for who shoot tons of photos and video, and 128GB if you wish to record 4K video and download plenty of games.

A microSD card can help expand your storage. It’s available on many Android phones, but Apple’s phones don’t offer this feature.

Security: Fingerprint vs. face recognition

A fingerprint sensor makes it fairly easy to unlock your phone without having to enter a password or PIN. Most of those devices are fairly fast but can get tripped up if you’ve got sweat or crumbs on your fingers.

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