DOMO K12BT Magickey Ultra Slim 9.6- inch Wireless Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard with Touchpad for iPad, Microsoft Surface…

(10 customer reviews) Price: 1,699.00 (as of 26/03/2023 14:12 PST- Details)

Supports IOS, Windows and Android
Wireless Bluetooth keyboard with Trackpad (touchpad) in a tray design
Type C Charging port

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Supports IOS, Windows and Android
Wireless Bluetooth keyboard with Trackpad (touchpad) in a tray design
Type C Charging port
You can attach the keyboard to a compatible carry case
Metal backbody so it can be attached to a magnetic carry case
Wireless operation distance up to 10 meters
Ideal for coders, students, travelers, professionals and commercial use
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery II Connection Type: Bluetooth Connectivity
BOX CONTENT: 1 PC KEYBOARD (USB Charging Cable Not Included)

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10 reviews for DOMO K12BT Magickey Ultra Slim 9.6- inch Wireless Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard with Touchpad for iPad, Microsoft Surface…

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