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SBI Cash & cheque deposit slip

If you’re looking to download

SBI cash & cheque deposit slip,

here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with the process:

  1. Visit the Official SBI Website:
    • Start by going to the official website of State Bank of India:
  2. Search for Forms:
    • Navigate to the “Downloads” or “Forms” section, typically found either in the main menu or the footer.
  3. Select the Required Form:
    • Look for the “Cash Deposit Slip” or a similar name. There might be different forms available, so ensure you choose the one related to cash deposit.
  4. Download the Form:
    • Once you find the form, there should be a ‘Download’ or ‘PDF’ icon next to it. Click on it, and the cash deposit slip should start downloading to your device.
  5. Print and Fill:
    • Once downloaded, you can print out the form. Remember to fill in all necessary details accurately. This usually includes your name, account number, contact number, amount to be deposited in words and figures, and the date.
  6. Visit the Nearest Branch:
    • With the filled form, visit the nearest SBI branch. Make sure to carry the cash you want to deposit, and present the slip to the bank teller.
  7. Retain the Customer Copy:
    • Once the teller processes your deposit, they’ll hand back a stamped customer copy of the slip. It’s essential to retain this as proof of your transaction.

Note: The availability of online forms can vary, and not all banks may provide downloadable cash deposit slips through their websites. If you can’t find the form online, you can always obtain one from any SBI branch.

Lastly, always ensure that you’re visiting the official SBI website or using the official SBI application to avoid any potential phishing or scam sites. If in doubt, it’s best to visit your local SBI branch directly.

Download Download SBI cash & cheque deposit slip

SBI Cash & cheque deposit slip :

This slip is also called SBI Bank Cash Deposit Slip, SBI Bank Cheque Deposit Slip, SBI Bank Cash deposit, Download SBI Bank Cheque Deposit Slip in .jpg For your ease we have merged 2 slips in A4 page format.

 sbi cash deposit slip

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